Hiland Dairy - Wichita, KS - Accident History

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Accident on 1996-12-03 05:45:00

Industry (NAICS):Fluid Milk Manufacturing (311511)
Duration of Release:00:45:00

Release Event

Gas Release?y
Liquid Spill/Evaporation?y

Release Source

Storage Vessel:n
Process Vessel:n
Transfer Hose:n
Other Release Source:

Weather Conditions at the Time of Event

Wind: 8 Miles an Hour blowing North at 28 Degrees Fahrenheit
Atmospheric Stability Class:d
Precipitation Present?n
Unknown Weather Conditions?n

On-Site Impacts

Employee or Contractor Deaths:0
Public Responder Deaths:0
Public Deaths:0
Employee or Contractor Injuries:3
Public Responder Injuries:0
Public Injuries:0
On-site Property Damage ($):200000

Known Off-Site Impacts

Other Medical Treatments:0
Off-site Property Damage ($):0

Environmental Damage

Fish or Animal Kills:n
Tree, Lawn, Shrub, or Crop Damage:n
Water Contamination:n
Soil Contamination:n
Other Environmental Damage:

Initiating Event

Initiating Event:Human error

Contributing Factors

Equipment failure:n
Human error:y
Improper procedures:n
Upset condition:n
By-pass condition:n
Maintenance activity/inactivity:n
Process design failure:n
Unsuitable equipment:n
Unusual weather condition:n
Managment error:n
Other contributing factor:Piping positioned so that it could be struck by forklift.

Off-site Responders Notified

Off-site Responders Notified?Notified and Responded

Changes Introduced as a Result of the Accident

Improved or upgraded equipment:y
Revised maintenance:n
Revised training:y
Revised operating procedures:n
New process controls:n
New mitigation systems:n
Revised emergency response plan:n
Changed process:n
Reduced inventory:n
Other changes introduced:Moved piping to avoid contact with vehicles.

Confidention Business Information

CBI claimed?n

Chemicals in Accident History

100% of 120 lbs. of the Toxic Chemical "Ammonia (Anhydrous)", CAS: 7664-41-7.

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