Central Davis County Sewer District - Executive Summary

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Central Davis County Sewer District has developed this risk management plan in order to provide for the possibility of an accidental release to the environment of chlorine gas.  The District considers this possibility remote based on a thirty year history of no significant releases from the District's chlorination facility.  The District has evaluated potential hazards and possible actions which may cause a release of chlorine gas.  Included in this analysis is the development of a worst case radius of 0.9 miles and an alternative case radius of 0.3 miles.   As a result of this evaluation, the District has developed standard operating procedures for employees to follow.  The District has had, for several years, a process safety management program which is used by employees when dealing with the chlorination facilities.   In conjunction with this plan, the District has appropriate safety procedures, including a respiratory protection program, in plac 
e to deal with employee safety.  The District has met with the Kaysville City Fire Department and determined that District staff will act as the hazmat response team should a leak occur.  Kaysville City Fire Department will act as offsite coordinators and a rescue backup should an event occur.  A hazmat program has been implemented and employees are in the process of completing training and certification.  All of the above actions lead the District to believe that it will be prepared in the highly unlikely case that a significant leak should occur.
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