Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary 
The following information is a summary of the Risk Management of chlorine and sulfur dioxide in use at the Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This plan is intended to prevent and minimize the impacts of accidental releases of extremely hazardous substances.  The chlorine and sulfur dioxide inventories exceed the threshold quantities established in the Risk Management Plan Program (RMP) requirements. 
The Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant uses chlorine and sulfur dioxide for chlorination and de-chlorination (disinfection) respectfully, of plant effluent.  The use of these chemicals are subject to the provisions of the RMP requirements, due to their "above-threshold" quantities.   
Physical Address     Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant 
NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Section 36, 
       Township 19 North, Range 12 East of I.M. in Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma 
           Latitude:    36'-04'-38"N 
Longitude:    95'-59'-21"W 
Mailing A 
ddress    Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant 
5300 South Elwood 
Tulsa, OK. 74107 
This plan consists of the requirements outlined by the RMP requirements and are as follows: 
Hazard Assessment 
Worst-Case Scenario 
Alternative Release Analysis 
Prevention Program Two 
Management System 
Safety Information 
Hazard Review 
Operating Procedures 
Compliance Audits 
Incident Inspections 
Emergency Response Plan 
Introduction Elements 
Core Plan Elements 
Worst Case Scenario for Chlorine 
* Scenario I.D. CLW-2 
* 1 ton chlorine container 
* Catastrophic failure due to corrosion, impact, or construction defects 
* Amount released:  2,000 lb total release 
* Rate of release:  200 lb/min 
* Duration of release:  10 minutes 
* Stability class F 
* Wind speed:  1.5 meters per second 
* Highest  daily maximum temperature occurring the past three years is 110(F 
* Chemical-specific temperature correction factor:  108 to 127(F,  1.0239 
* Applicable for any relative humidity 
* Release at ground level 
Urban surface roughness 
* No mitigation factors 
      Distance to Endpoint:  14,098 ft or 2.67 miles 
Estimate Population and Institutional Receptors 
Several small businesses and schools are located within the 2.67 mile radius.  No hospitals or large complexes are located within this radius.  The population estimate was calculated by using the Block Group Uniform Method, which determine the ratio of the circle to the land area of the block group polygons falling either partially or completely within the radius of the circle.  The ratio is then applied to the population statistics of these block groups to provide estimates for the area within the radius. 
Five-Year Accident History    The City of Tulsa Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant has not had an accident involving the chlorine or sulfur dioxide systems which has resulted in death, injury, property or environmental damage. 
The Emergency Response Plan    The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the Northside Wastewater T 
reatment Plant maintains up-to-date and complete written emergency action plans (EAPs) and effective response capabilities for all covered processes.  Comprehensive emergency action plans, when combined with emergency response training and drills, can effectively minimize the impact of an accidental release by ensuring proper and quick facility response.  An summary of the requirements as outline in this section are as follows: 
* This facility shall investigate each incident which resulted in, or could reasonably have resulted in a catastrophic release. 
* This investigation shall be initiated promptly, no later than 48 hours following the incident. 
* The guidelines and reports included herein shall be followed for each incident. 
* The findings shall be reviewed by all affected personnel whose job tasks are affected by the findings. 
* Investigation summaries shall be retained for five years. 
Key Personnel in Plan Implementation 
RMProgram Element 
Phone Numbers 
Tom Krueg 
Southside Plant Superintendent 
Alternate RMProgram Manager 
Office:  918-591-4440 
Home:  918-227-5310 
Forrest L. Piggott 
Waste Systems Manager 
Overall Responsibility: 
RMProgram Manager 
Office:  918-596-9845 
Home:  918-371-0143 
Waldy, Ogint 
Operations Supervisor 
Operating Procedures 
Office:  918-591-4440 
Home:  918-747-9401 
Roger Scott 
Maintenance Supervisor 
Maintenance Procedures 
Office:  918-591-4578 
Home:  918-266-1243 
Shawn Glen 
Operations Administrator 
Development and Implementation 
Home:  918-342-3762 
Pam Rodriguez 
Office Administrator - 1 
Record Keeping 
Office: 918-591-4440
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