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- The Centerville Municipal Waterworks has had no leaks of chlorine in the last five years. 
- We have three one ton cylinders of chlorine on hand at all times at the water treatment plant.  We use the 
   chlorine for disinfection and to keep a residual of chlorine in the water throughout the distribution system. 
- We have enclosed a copy of our alternative and worst case scenarios, release rates, durations, and  
   chlorine properties from the EPA Website.  We had to increase the number of people by 1330 because  
   of schools in the worst case scenario.  We have also given a copy of this information to the local Fire  
   Department with the revised receptor population. 
- The Fire Department and L.E.P.C. have been notified that we have chlorine on site and if we do have a  
   leak the water plant employees have been trained to call 911 first, and then the Fire Department if time  
   permits.  The Fire Department has been notified by the Water Department that they will evacuate th 
e area  
   and contact appropriate personnel. 
- The Water Treatment Plan employees have viewed two films on the use, first aid, hazards, and safety  
   precautions relating to chlorine.   The following books are on site for use and review: 
   (1) Recommendations for Prevention of Personal Injuries for Chlorine Producers and Users Facilities and  
   (2) Water and Wastewater Operators Chlorine Handbook, edition 1, March 1999.  The books and the  
        films were obtained from the Chlorine Institute. 
- We have also increased our inspection frequency in the chlorine room.
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