Farmers Coop Association ( Solomon ) - Executive Summary

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Farmers Coop Association is an ag retail business that primarily stores and blends fertilizer for sale to farmers . Our anhydrous facility stores approximately 180,000 pounds in our two storage tanks . The worst case senario would release 131,000 pounds with a distance to endpoint of 2.5 miles affecting 1800 people . Training for employees is done on an annual basis with employees attending local and state training schools . The facilities including tanks , valves and piping are maintained in accordance with local , state and federal rules and regulations as well as OSHA's standards such as 29CFR1910.111. This facility can report no accidents in the last five years . This companys' Emergency Response Plan is updated annually and is shared with the Solomon Fire Department . They have agreed to be our first responder and will act in the event of an emergency . Periodic evaluations are done at this facility to access the maintenance of safe conditions . We have no plans at the present tim 
eto implement any changes in the coming year .
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