Norpac Foods Inc. Plant #7 - Executive Summary

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   NORPAC FOODS, Inc. is committed to the safety of its employees and neighbors. 
NORPAC uses Anhydrous Ammonia to freeze its fruits and vegetables.  The ammonia is stored at the sight in a liquid form. 
   A worst case scenario and an alternative release scenario were calculated using EPA Risk Management program guidance for Ammonia Refrigeration.  The worst case scenario requires the companies to calculate the worst possible situation without regard to the probability of this happening.  The alternative situation requires the companies to calculate the more probable situation.  The end points for the Salem Plant is 0.4 miles worst case and 0.1 miles for the alternative case. 
   NORPAC complies with rules, regulations and recommendations from OSHA, ASME, AIIR, EPA, DEQ, PSM, etc.  NORPAC also keeps full time refrigeration engineering personnel  to operate and maintain the equipment.  This personnel receive on the job training as well as off-site training dealing in mainten 
ance and safety of the equipment and the process. 
   NORPAC has not had a release resulting in an off site consequence since the plant started using Anhydrous Ammonia in 1990.   
   NORPAC has set up emergency evacuation plans for the plants.  These plans would go into effect with the local emergency responders. 
   NORPAC uses safety committees, on the job training, safety seminars and safety training to identify and improve overall safety at the facility.
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