The Joe W. Lovell Water Quality Control Center - Executive Summary

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The Joe W. Lovell Water Quality Control Center uses chlorine as a disinfectant and deodorizer and also uses sulfur dioxide as a oxidizer to rid the final effluent of chlorine. Both chemicals are stored in seperate store rooms that are equipted with vent fans and alarm detctors. The store rooms are checked by each shift. 
The alarms are periodically checked and calibrated by manufactors specifacations. 
The operators that handle chlorine and sulfur dioxide routinely are, Tony Patterson, Murray Elliott, Kent Brothers and Stanley G. Wallace. 
This system uses Scott ATO Pressur - Pak II SCBA's and we have training in the use of the SCBA's at least once per year. We hold monthly Safety meetings that cover chlorine and sulfur dioxide handling, Emergency Response and protective equipment. 
Both systems work on the same vaccum and water mixture procedure. Gas is drawn from ton cylinders with vaccum from an injector then mixed with water and feed to a basin through 3" schedule 80 pipe. There ar 
e 6 tons of each chemical hooked to a manifold with 3 tons being on line and 3 tons as back - up. 
Chlorine residual in the basin runs from 2.5/mgl to .5/mgl, after the sulfur dioxide is injected the residual is .05/mgl or less.
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