Calhoun County Water Filtration Plant - Executive Summary

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The Calhoun County Water Authority Filtration Plant is committed to environmental and public safety by ensuring that only operators trained and certified by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) process or handle toxic chemicals.  The filtration plant utilizes one ton cylinders for post-chlorination purposes and generally has three cylinders on site at any given time.  The filter plant normally treats approximately 3.5 million gallons of water per day which provides water to about 8,500 customers through out Calhoun County.  In case of an accidental release of chlorine the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) will be notified and their emergency responders will react to the incident.  Our worst case scenario Off Site Consequence Analysis (OCA) guidance provided by EPA indicates that the public in a three mile radius may be affected.  The EMA would then initiate evacuation procedures if necessary.  Chlorine at the filtration plant is in an enclosed struct 
ure which may reduce the distance the hazard would travel.  We are proud of the fact that no chemicals or other hazardous substances have been released to the environment since the filtration plant began operations in May 1995.  Our emergency response program relies heavily on the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) since only one operator is at the plant at any given time.  The EMA has a copy of our emergency action plan with detailed maps and quantities of hazardous chemicals kept on site.  The local fire departments also play a key role in responding to an incident at this facility as many of these individuals are trained first responders. Should an incident occur that would require public notification the EMA would notify the affected area by the Early Warning System (EWS), radio, TV and local law enforcement officals.  The Calhoun County Water Authority is committed to operating all it's facilities in a safe and professional manner and protecting our environment and our comm 
unity.  Our Water Filtration Plant Operators are all certified by ADEM and are required to attend safety and training seminars to acquire the appropriate continuing education units to maintain their certification.
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