Brainerd Chemical Co., Inc. - Executive Summary

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In the preceding RMP, an evaluation of the catastrpohic loss and the more probable alternatives have been evaluated using the RMP Software provided by EPA.  Brainerd Chemical Co., Inc. has two chemicals on site that have exceeded the threshold limits and are subject to RMP.  These chemicals are Nitric Acid (99%) and Hydrofluoric Acid (70%). 
It is expected that the worst case for Nitric Acid would be a complete loss of the bulk tank in which the chemical is stored.  Should this occur, the chemical would be captured in a secondary containment dike that will hold the entire contents of the tank. Further protection  is given to the environment by virtue of the face that this tank is indoors.  The alternative release scenario would be a hose or valve failing, resulting in the uncontrolled draining of the tank.  Again, the secondary containment would be expected to prevent further release to the environment. 
It is expected that Hydrofluoric Acid would be lost from a drum.  The worst case e 
valuation assumes a complete loss that was contained indoors, as that is where the chemicals is stored.  The more probable alternative release was one drum that might be punctured while on the loading dock by a fork truck.  This would result in the release of approximately 500 pounds to the environment. 
The facility is located in an area of light industry.  The nearest school is approximately 1.3 miles south and the nearest park is approximately 1.5 miles.  There are no residences in the areas that are projected to be affected by any of the evaluated releases from this facility.
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