Cooper Farms Processing - Executive Summary

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    Our facility slaughters and process turkeys.  We use an Ammonia refrigeration system to provide cooling for our facility. 
    To ensure employee and public safety, we have instituted programs to prevent accidental releases of ammonia.  We comply with OSHA's Process Safety Management program.  This program controls all aspects of our ammonia systems operation.  Policies and procedures cover everything from system maintenance to employee training.   
    The contractors that work on our systems must all meet or exceed our qualification guidelines.  We only allow trained and authorized employees to operate and maintain our systems.  To reduce the possibility of accidents, we only allow trained and authorized employees to operate our lift trucks. 
    With the assistance of local agencies, we have developed plans to respond to emergencies at our facility.  These plans include the methods we would use to notify the public in the event of an emergency.   
    We are proud of our system 
s safety record and our place in the community.  We look forward to our future as a good corporate neighbor.
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