E. H. ALDRICH STATION - Executive Summary

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Pennsylvania-American Water Comapny E. H. Aldrich Plant is a water purfication facility located in Elrma, PA. This is a 60 million gallon per day maximum capacity facility. Chlorine is used in the water purficiation process. Chlorine is received and used from one (1) ton containers. The physcial state of chlorine within a full containers is approximately 10 percent gas and 90 percent liquid. Because of the potential risks from a chlorine leak, PA American Water performs extensive steps to prevent a chlorine release as well as doing significant planning to minimize the dangers from a release. These include annual training for employees addressing safety as well as proper maintenance and chlorine use procedures. In addition, PA American Water Adlrich Plant must also comply with several local, state and federal regulations that are prompted because of chlorine use. These include:  Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry's SARA Title III Off - Site Emergency Response Planning, OSHA  
Process Safety Regulations,  OSHA Hazwopper Regulations as well as the EPA required Risk Management Program. 
In addition to in-house planning and response, PA American Water Company continuously works with local response agencies in order to first insure that the chance of a hazardous release is minimized and secondly, should this occur, to aggressively respond in order to counter the effects of the same. 
All planning documents as well as training records are kept on site and available for review upon request. 
The management of PA-American Water Company has always been supportive committing the necessary resources to ensure that safety involving chlorine as well as any other concern is always addressed.
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