Aquilla Water Supply District - Executive Summary

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The Aquilla Water Supply District is a wholesale potable water production and treatment facility located in Hill County, Texas.  The treatment plant rated capacity is six million gallons of treated water per day.  Currently, daily production averages between two and three million gallons per day.  Primary water disinfection is accomplished by the use of chlorine, which is stored in one ton cylinders and is subject to the EPA Risk Management Program.  Only one cylinder of chlorine is in use at a time. 
Storage and handling of the chlorine is permitted at this facility only by operators properly trained to do so.  Two operators minimum are always required to be present when handling chlorine cylinders.  In the fifteen years that this facility has been in operation, no hazardous release of chlorine gas has occurred that had any off-site impact. 
   Based on EPA worst-case scenario (2,000 lb. discharge in ten minute 
s, three miles to toxic endpoint), the rural area in which the treatment plant is located, and prevailing wind patterns, up to twenty-five individuals could be affected.  The Hill County Sheriff's Department, which serves as the Local Emergency Planning Committee, will be notified and Chemtrec (800-424-9300) will also be called.  District personnel will coordinate with the LEPC and Chemtrec to take appropriate actions necessary to ensure the safety of individuals in the affected area. 
   If a non-catastrophic release should occur (leaking valve, etc.) notification will still be made as in the worst-case scenario; however, active mitigation measures will also be taken to reduce outside exposure.  This will include, but not be limited to, water spray at the source of the discharge area. 
   Evaluation of the current program is ongoing.  Changes will be made to the current program as improvements are made.
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