Forest City Wastewater Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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The accidental release prevention and emergency response policies at your facility.  This facility complies with OSHA Regulation (29 CFR 1910.119) for the use of a hazardous chemical (chlorine) in a workplace.  It is our policy to adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.  If an emergency were to occur, it is our policy to notify the Forest City Fire and Police Departments and request that they respond to the emergency. 
A description of your facility and the regulated substances handled.  This is a small, municipal wastewater chlorination facility.  We treat wastewater from the municipally of Forest City with chlorine to destroy potentially harmful biological contaminants. 
The worst-case release scenario.  Our worst-case scenario is rupture of a one-ton storage tank filled with 2,000 pounds of chlorine at 77 0F, resulting in the total release of all the chlorine over a 10-minute period.  According to dispersion modeling (ALOHA 5.2) that assumes crite 
ria specified by Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act, the distance to the endpoint is 2.3 miles.  This release would spread within the city limits of Forest City in an area containing 3 schools, 27 churches, municipal offices, and business establishments.  The estimated, affected population is 5,900 persons. 
The general accidental release prevention program and chemical -specific prevention steps.  This workplace complies with OSHA Regulation (29 CFR 1910.119) accident prevention rules and all applicable state and local codes and regulations.  The water chlorination system is designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with American Water Works Association Guidelines and state law. 
Five-year accident history.  This facility has not had an accident involving chlorine during the past 5 years that caused deaths, injuries, property or environmental damage, evacuations, or shelterings in place. 
The emergency response program.  In the event of an emergency involving our wastewater c 
hlorination process, it is our policy to notify the Forest City Fire and Police Departments and request that they respond to the emergency.  We have discussed this policy with the fire and police departments; members of these departments have inspected our facilities for wastewater chlorination. 
Planned changes to improve safety.  Emerging technologies that may offer the same benefits as wastewater chlorination with the use of less hazardous materials are constantly being evaluated.  If a cost-effective system becomes available, every attempt will be made to implement it.
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