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We have planned for and have coordinated with local emergency responders to adequately respond to all accidents we preceive may occur from a single base break to the release of the entire contents of the single largest vessel. Our local fire department is fully trained to handle all emergencies pretaining to our anhydrous plant, including all necessary inhilation gear and safty suits. They understand all shut off systems and the dangers involved with this gas. All employees of Crosby Noonan Coop Elevator, Crosby and Noonan stations have been throughly trained in handling anhydrous ammonia in our bulk systems. We are constantly checking valves,gauges, hoses, bearings, and pins to make sure they meet the highest safty standards. We keep the area free of all flammable debris and make sure hoses are not in a position to be ran over or caught on vehicles passing through load out areas. All safty signs and water baths are in place , as well as safty goggles and gloves. Everything is readily  
availaable in case of an emergency. We are continually training our employees on all safty aspects. We have an independent consulting firm (North Dakota Grain Dealers Safety Program) that constantly monitors our plants to make sure we are in compliance with all OSHA safety standards.
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