Pocomoke City Wastewater Treatment Facility - Executive Summary

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The Pocomoke City WWTF is a lagoon-type system featuring two 43-acre lagoons surrounded  by berms on a 157 acre property . The plant includes a 1aboratory and features chlorine as the only major chemical in use on the site.  The facility uses no more than eight 1-ton cylinders of chlorine gas per year.  Normally, there is one tank on site. However, occasionally a replacement tank may be on site while the operating tank is being used.  The tanks are delivered by  our contract supplier using state-of-the-art delivery and handling equipment. Treatment plant facility employees do not handle the 1-ton tanks at any time.  They do perform the hook-up between tanks as necessary. 
As you know, the City of Pocomoke is committed to operating all of its properties in a safe manner at all times. The WWTF Operator, Mr. Phillips, has been trained in safe chlorine operations through his treatment plant operator training. The treatment plant is away from Populated areas and is surrounded by berms which  
hold the wastewater treatment ponds.  Because of its remote location, the treatment plant proposes little or no risk to our community.  The site is also surrounded by low lying areas which are located between nearby Dunn Swamp Road and the location of the chlorine cylinders.  In addition, wooded area is surrounded by the treatment plant.  It is our belief that our current safety procedures are more than adequate to protect our community in the event of any possible and unlikely accident.
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