Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminal - Carteret - Executive Summary

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The Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminal - Carteret is a bulk liquids storage and transportation facility located at 78 Lafayette Street, Carteret, New Jersey.  The Terminal stores and manages a variety of petroleum and petro-chemical products including two products that contain listed toxic materials.  Those are Vinyl Acetate Monomer which is a listed material, and n-Butyl Formcel which contains the listed material, Formaldehyde. 
The employees of Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminal - Carteret strive to preserve and protect the quality of the environment in the workplace and in the communities throughout the world where we conduct business.  We are commited to continuously improve the environment, health, and safety of all aspects of our business, our operations, and our employees.  Each and every employee has the responsibility to fullt contribute to the achievement of this goal. 
Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminal - Carteret assumed ownership and responsibility for this facility on 03/01/01 from  
GATX Terminals Corporation.
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