Martinek Grain & Bins, Inc. - Executive Summary

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Martinek Grain accepts delivery of anhydrous ammonia by either rail or truck and immediately offloads the ammonia to nurse tanks to be distributed to local farmers and used in our own famring operations.  The two licensed storage tanks we have are for temoprary storage.  When the facility was constructed, high volume lockout valves, locking tank valves, and other safety devices were put into the system to minimize a release durring our filling operations.  All employees are trained and facilities are inspected on a continuous basis.  The local fire department has been familiarized with ammonia spill mitigation and how to operate all emergency shutoffs.  Nurse tanks are not left full of ammonia on site.  Nurse tanks are filled and delivered to customers on a as needed basis.  The major spill danger that has occured has been as a result of attempted theft of anhydrous ammonia for illegal drug manufacturing activities.  Our local police have been involved in several servalance and sting o 
perations to minimize this risk and have had some success.  Our operation is small and seasonal and is in a sparcely populated area of town.  Our only release was mitigated without any injuries.  Our plan involves all emergency response teams in our area and we continually coordinate with these.
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