OLS Energy Agnews - Executive Summary

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OLS Energy Agnews of San Jose generates electric power by burning natural gas in  a gas turbine. As part of its emission control it injects ammonia into the turbine intake and this reduces the NOx emissions. The ammonia is stored in anhydrous form in a 12,000 gallon storage tank which is well anchored to prevent earthquake damage. The ammonia is piped from there in liquid form to a vaporizer where it is turned into gas. From there it goes to a accumulator and mixed with air. This mixture is injected into the turbine. The facility has good maintenance procedures and emergency response planning. Ammonia leaks are checked by using a hand held detector. Training is also provided for employees for safe operation, maintenance and in emergency procedures. The facility has carried a Process Hazard Analysis, completed a Risk Management Plan and is actively implementing the RMP. The facility is in full compliance with all provisions of its RMP. The facility is in the process of completing its Y2 
K compliance and will be finished with the Y2K compliance latest by July of '99.
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