Lower Little Miami WWTP - Executive Summary

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The Lower Little Miami Waste Water Treatment Plant (LLMWWTP) provides waste water treatment to the residents, businesses and industry of Warren county. The primary use of the facility is to treat waste water from the service area of the Plant. The use of chlorine gas is a major component of the treatment process. The chlorine used at the LLMWWTP is containerized in the form of steel, one-ton cylinders.  Typically, only one cylinder is usually present and online in the facility at a time. 
The LLMWWTP has made a committment to safety and the implementation of safe work procedures by stressing on the job safety and encouraging continued awareness of safe working procedures. The facility currently has a written safety and health plan. Training is conducted among the staff on a regular basis, reviewing safety procedures and emergency response. 
Offsite Consequence Analyses (OCA) have been determined for a Worst-case scenario and an Alternative-case scenario. The OCA was determined using RM 
P*COMP software obtained from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The worst-case scenario assumed a release of up to 2500 pounds of chlorine gas. The model has calculated an OCA for the worst-case scenario at 1.20 miles. The alternative release scenario developed with the RMP*COMP software assumed a release of 2500 pounds of chlorine gas, at a much slower rate than the worst-case scenario. The Alternate-case scenario has been calculated to be 0.20 miles. Mitigation systems present are in the form of a scrubber system and enclosure provided by the Chlorine Building. 
The LLMWWTP has coordinated emergency response with the Warren County Emergency Management Agency and with local police and fire departments. Emergency response procedures have been outlined in the written safety program developed by the facility.The LLMWWTP currently employs a safety training and oversight program.
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