Tribune NH3 Plant - Executive Summary

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Our Company Strives to keep a Safe workplace.  Our Farmer Owners, Managers, and employees have made every effort to plan any accidental release of Anhydrous Ammonia.  The Activity of this plant involves the storage and transfer of product.  The maximum quantity stored is 106,000 lbs. Worst case scenerio would be a release as a gas over 10 minutes.  The potential quantity release could be 53,000 lbs.,  which is the volume of the largest tank at 85% - As limited by design standards as well as company policy.  The distance to end point is 1.63 miles from this plant.  The alternate release scenerio based on industry informatio could be a release from pipe or transfer hose.  The distance to end point for this is .83 miles.  There have been no releases of anhydrous ammonia in the past 5 years resulting in any injuries, death, evacuation, sheltering in place or other emergency procedures.  Our emergency Plan is designed to minimize risks to employees, the surrounding public, as well as, Emerg 
ency Responders.  Our company will continue to work with all in the industry to improve and implement any new proccedures for the betterment / interest of Safety.
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