Yuengling Brewery - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary 
Risk Management Plan submission for Yuengling Brewery, Pottsville, PA 
Yuengling Brewery operates a new facility in Pottsville, PA which manufactures beer.Ammonia refrigeration is a critical element in the beer manufacturing process. 
Most large refrigerated facilities use a chemical called anhydrous ammonia as a vital part of the refrigeration system. Ammonia performs the same functions as the Freon refrigerants used in home air conditioners,refrigerators, and automobiles. Ammonia is also widely used as a fertilizer and because of its moderate toxicity and slight flammability, it is considered a hazardous material. 
Yuengling is committed to maintaing a safe manufacturing operation for our employees and the surrounding community. This committment includes the ammonia refrigeration system. To further safety in our facility, the refrigeration system is constructed under permit from local authorities, such as the building and fire departments.Additionally, we adhere whe 
re appropriate to industry codes and standards, including the ASHRAE Safety Code for Refrigeration ans the IIAR-2 standard of the International Instute of Ammonia Refrigeration. Finally, to comply with requirements of OSHA and the USEPA,we implement a method called Process Safety Management to ensure that the refrigeration system is operated and maintained safely. 
Yuengling Brewery uses a variety of methods to ensure that accidental releases of hazardous materials are prevented to greatest extent possible. In addition to professional design and installation to accepted engineering standards, our Process Safety Management program includes elements addressing: 
Employee participation 
Process Safety Information 
Process Hazards Analysis 
Operating procedures 
Mechanical integrity 
Management of change 
Hot work permits 
Pre-startup safety review 
Emergency response 
Compliance audits 
Trade secrets 
Management system 
As required by the EPA, we have analyzed worst case and alt 
ernative ammonia release scenarios and their consequences. The worst case scenario involves the loss of the contents of the high pressure receiver vessel over ten minutes. As required, this scenario has offsite impact, meaning that a level of 200 ppm of ammonia is reached beyond the property line. The alternative scenario involves a serious line in a liquid ammonia line, which would have offsite impact.  
We used EPA Guidance programs to estimate the offsite impacts. 
Yuengling relies upon its own Emergency response team to respond in the unlikely event of an ammonia release.Through our Process Safety Management program, we continually look for possible improvements.Because our facility is new, the opportunity for such changes is small. We plan to continue to monitor the system for improved operation.
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