OSR Halliday S-3 Battery - Executive Summary

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OSR S-3 Gas Plant Risk Management Plan: 
Executive Summary 
Forest Oil Corporation, has a long-standing commitment to worker and public safety. This commitment is demonstrated by the resources invested in accident prevention, such as training personnel and considering safety in design, installation, operation, and maintenance of our process. Our policy is to implement reasonable controls to prevent foreseeable releases.  However, if a release does occur, gas plant personnel are trained to control and contain the release. 
The OSR S-3 Gas Plant, located 0.6 miles southeast of the intersection of FM 3091 and CR 212, operates a process to produce petroleum products (e.g., natural gas, natural gas liquids), from natural gas. The OSR S-3 Gas Plant has several regulated flammables, such as propane and butane. The OSR S-3 Gas Plant does not use and/or process any regulat 
ed toxic substances above threshold quantities. 
The Worst Case Scenario (WCS) associated with a release of flammable substances in the Program Level 1 process at the gas plant is a vapor cloud explosion (VCE) involving the full inventory of the product surge tank containing natural gas liquids (flammable mixture). The maximum distance to the 1-psi endpoint for this WCS is 0.40 mile, resulting in no offsite impact.  
Safe Work Practices 
The OSR S-3 Gas Plant has long-standing safe work practices in place to help ensure worker and process safety. Examples of these include (1)  a permit and procedure to control spark-producing activities (i.e., hot work), and (2) a permit and procedure to ensure that adequate precautions are in place before entry into a confined space. These procedures (and others), along with training of affected personnel, form a system to help ensure that operations and maintenance activities are performed safely. 
dent Investigation 
The OSR S-3 Gas Plant will promptly investigate all incidents that result in, or reasonably could have resulted in, a fire/explosion, gas release, major property damage, environmental loss, or personal injury. The goal of the investigation is to determine the facts and develop corrective actions to prevent a recurrence of the incident or a similar incident. The investigation documents its findings, develops recommendations to prevent a recurrence, and forwards these results to management for resolution. Corrective actions taken in response to the investigation findings and recommendations are tracked until they are complete.  
Compliance Audits 
The OSR S-3 Gas Plant periodically conducts an audit to determine whether safe procedures and practices are being implemented. The audit findings are forwarded to the Production Foreman or Production Manager for resolution.  
The OSR S-3 Gas Plant has an excellent safety record.  No acci 
dents or incidents have occurred in the last five years. 
The OSR S-3 Gas Plant maintains a written emergency response program, which is in place to protect worker and public safety as well as the environment. The program consists of procedures for responding to a release of a regulated substance, including the possibility of a fire or explosion if a flammable substance is accidentally released. The procedures address all aspects of emergency response, including proper first aid and medical treatment for exposures, evacuation plans and accounting for personnel after an evacuation, notification of local emergency response agencies and the public if a release occurs, and post-incident cleanup and decontamination requirements. In addition, the company has procedures that address maintenance, inspection, and testing of emergency response equipment (fire extinguishers), as well as instructions that address the use of the fire extnguishers. Employe 
es receive training in these procedures as necessary to perform their specific emergency response duties. The emergency response program is updated when necessary based on modifications made to the gas plant process or plant facilities.  
The overall emergency response program for the OSR S-3 Gas Plant is coordinated with the Madison County, Texas, local emergency planning committee (LEPC).  The OSR S-3 Gas Plant has around-the-clock communications capability with appropriate LEPC officials and emergency response organizations (e.g., sheriff, fire department). This provides a means of notifying the public of an incident, if necessary, as well as facilitating quick response to an incident
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