Klein Water Treatment Facility - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary 
Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies 
South Adams County Water and Sanitation District (SACWSD) takes a very active approach to maintaining and improving chemical safety.  SACWSD has demonstrated its commitment to safety at the Klein Water Treatment Plant (WTP) by upgrading the chemical feed process for chlorine to a vacuum system in 1999 and installing a chlorine scrubber at the time of construction of the WTP. 
Facility and Regulated Substance 
The Klein WTP is located at 7400 Quebec Street in Commerce City, Colorado.  Chlorine is used at the facility to provide disinfection of the public water supply.  Chlorine is stored in one-ton cylinders, and no more than eight cylinders of chlorine (16,000 pounds) of chlorine are stored at the Klein WTP. 
Worst Case and Alternative Case Release Scenarios 
The worst case release scenario involves the loss of 2,000 pounds of chlorine from a 
single cylinder outside of any enclosure.  The rule for worst case release analysis assumes the entire release will occur in 10 minutes.  The alternative case release scenario was based on process hazard analysis, and assumes the release of 600 pounds of chlorine in 10 minutes as a result of a drop scenario outside of containment.  The distance to endpoint for both scenarios was analyzed using RMP*Comp (an EPA program), and the analyses resulted in a worst case release scenario distance to endpoint of 1.3 miles and an alternative case release scenario distance to endpoint of 0.1 miles. 
Accidental Release Prevention Program 
The accidental release prevention program complies with the requirements for Program Level 2 processes.  The prevention program includes an employee training program based on the written operating procedures for the Klein WTP, as well as a maintenance, inspection, and testing program utilized within the covered process.  These programs all serve to prevent or minim 
ize unintended release of chlorine. 
Five-Year Accident History 
No reportable accidents have occurred at the Klein WTP within the last five years. 
Emergency Response Program 
Klein WTP staff perform periodic training with the South Adams County Fire Department to ensure that the Fire Department, who is responsible for responding to emergencies at the WTP, is aware of the unique concerns of emergency response at the WTP.  Additionally, WTP employees are trained and equipped to handle incidental releases of chlorine at the WTP.
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