Enderlin Farmers Elev. - Executive Summary

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After reviewing and completing this report, we would like to say that for the 15 years that I have been here we have not had a major leak or spill. 
Our NH3 Tank was inspected in Nov. 1998.  Our Tank needed many repairs that were replaced by April 1st, 99.   We didn't have to replace all of our pipes but as we started the work, we decided to replace every thing.  We at this time added two filling stations which greatly speeded up our process of filling. 
We have filed with the State of North Dakota for 8 yrs on community Right to Know.  IN the event of an emergency our local fire Dept. is well equipped & prepared to respond in case of an emergency. We had a mock drill in July, 99 with a fake leak.  Everyone learned a lesson.  All Fire Dept, our employees & County emergency planner attended.
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