Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. - Executive Summary

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Holly Oak Chemical is a toll manufacturing facility operating two shifts, five days per week. As a toll manufacturer formaldehyde is used as catalyst for: 
1. Textile dye fixing agent 
2. Pulp and Paper Industries 
3. Automotive Applications 
Holly Oak Chemical is limited by its Conditional Major permit to 31,667 pounds per day of formaldehyde usage. The process is a batch operation and is not utilized on a daily basis. Two 7,000 gallon capacity tanks are used to store the material but only 6,000 gallons is stored in each.  To prevent the accidential release of formaldehyde, only chemical operators certified in handling may utilize the material. The stationary sources are each equipped with two, independent ball valves to prevent the inadvertent release of material. In the event of an accidental release, the material would be retained within a diked area encompassing three times the capacity of the largest vessel, 7,000 gallons. The diked area is totally enclosed. The vessels where the ma 
terial is used is diked and can contain one and a half times of the largest vessel which is 5,500 gallons.  
The Emergency Response Plan intergrates the Process Safety Management Standard, 29 CFR 1910.119 as well as RMP. Emergency alarm activation buttons are located throughout the facility. In accordance with our Emergency Response Plan, employees would evacuate to predetermined locations while the Fountain Inn Fire Department and Greenville County Hazmat Team were alerted. Holly Oak Chemical employees are  not permitted to enter the facility in the event of a release nor are they allowed to respond to a release. Holly Oak Chemical has contracted with three emergency response contractors to perform cleanup. 
The worst-case scenario would be a release into either diked area by storage or process vessel failure. There would not be any liquid release due to the diking system. Based upon EPA's RMP Comp., vapors could travel 0.10 mile before dispersing enough to no longer pose a hazard to  
the public. 
Holly Oak Chemical is in compliance with the OSHA PSM rule and this rule. Holly Oak Chemical has not had a release in the past five years.
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