U.S. Water Company - Executive Summary

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U.S. WATER COMPANY ("U.S. Water") is located in Lexington, Missouri, and provides water utility service to Lexington and  some limited surrounding areas.  The water treatment operations plant (the "Plant") is located on the banks of the Missouri River, situated at the bottom of a bluff upon the top of which the city proper is located.  In its production and water treatment process, U.S. Water uses chlorine, a substance regulated by the Clear Air Act Section 112r (CCA-112r).  The chlorine used at the Plant is stored in 1-ton containers in gas form.  A maximum of two (2) such containers can be stored at the Plant.   Because there are public receptors in close proximity to the Plant, a Program 2 Risk Management Plan submission is necessary. 
Offsite consequence analysis was completed using RMP*Comp.  Evaluating the distance to a toxic endpoint for the Plant resulted in a radius of influence of 5.4 miles for worst case scenario (re 
lease of one entire chlorine container) and a _____ mile radius for alternative release process scenario (punctured tank).  The population within the worst case scenario radius is approximately 5,000 people, and the alternative release scenario radius includes a population of approximately 1,500 people.   
U.S. Water has developed a written Chlorine Emergency Response Plan (the "ERP").  The purpose of the ERP is to effectively respond to a chlorine release to minimize injuries, lessen the impact in the community, minimize water treatment Plant damage, and provide guidance to local emergency response personnel.
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