Lost Creek Compressor Station - Executive Summary

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Accidental Release Prevention and Response Policies: 
The Lost Creek Compressor Station prevents accidental releases by training plant personnel in the proper and safe operation and maintenance of the facility and by designing and constructing facilities with appropriate safety features included.  However, should a release occur, plant personnel will respond to control and contain the release. 
Description of Stationary Source and Regulated Substances: 
The Lost Creek Compressor Station is located approximately 0.5 miles north of Wamsutter, WY on East Carlton Road.  The plant is designed for 275  MMSCFD of natural gas.  The natural gas is dehydrated and  hydrocarbon liquids are removed, stored in atmospheric tanks and sold as condensate.  Design liquid production is approximately 120 BPD with total storage capacity of 1,350 Bbls.  The plant has gas compression, dehydration and utilizes a propane refrigeration process for hydrocarbon liquid recovery.  The plant contains propane (which is  
used as the refrigerant), mixed hydrocarbon liquids in the process and natural gas, which are all regulated flammables.  No threshold quantity of a regulated toxic is present at the plant site. 
Offsite Consequence Analysis Results: 
The WCS is a vapor cloud explosion (VCE) involving the full capacity of the largest propane storage tank, 18,700 Lbs.  Although a written procedure is in place to limit the inventory to 90% of capacity, the entire tank capacity was used in this scenario.  EPA's RMP*COMP software was used to determine that the maximum distance to a 1 psi endpoint was 0.2 miles.   
The ARS is a VCE resulting from the release of product from a truck unloading hose (6,350 Lbs. released in 10 min.).  The release is expected to be blocked in by the operator or truck driver within 10 minutes.  Again the EPA's RMP*COMP software was used and the distance to a 1 psi endpoint is 0.09 miles. 
General Accidental Release Program: 
This facility was built in accordance with the appropriate 
mechanical and electrical codes for gas processing plants and is subject to OSHA's PSM program.  Written programs and procedures cover all of the key elements of the PSM program and the employees are well trained in the safe operation of this facility.   
Chemical-Specific Prevention Steps:  
The Lost Creek Compressor Statopm includes the following safety features: 
1. Hydrocarbon detectors  
2. Process safety relief valves. 
3. Automated plant shutdown system.  The plant will be automatically shutdown should key process parameters vary from specified ranges.  
4. Manual valves to permit isolation of various portions of the process. 
5. Appropriately placed portable fire extinguishers to combat incipient stage fires. 
6. Operator attended 24 hours per day. 
Five Year Accident History: 
The Lost Creek Compressor Station is a new facility expected to be placed in operation in early September, 2000.  The station has had no accidental releases that resulted in deaths, injuries, or significant pro 
perty damage on site and no offsite deaths, injuries, evacuations, sheltering in place, property damage or environmental damage. 
Emergency Response Program Information: 
The Lost Creek Compressor Station Emergency Response Plan has been coordinated with the Sweetwater County LEPC.  The Emergency Response Plan has been posted at the plant and all employees have been trained in the actions to be taken in event of an emergency. 
Planned Changes to Improve Safety: 
No changes to the safety program or station facilities are currently planned.  However, weekly safety meetings are held during which incidents are reviewed, safety procedures discussed and changes proposed.  Our safety program is constantly improving.
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