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? Ritzville Chemicals, Inc.  attributes its continued, excellent safety record to the vested interest of the owner/manager.  The owner is on site daily to oversee and insure safe operating procedures. The policy at Ritzville Chemicals, Inc. includes monthly safety meetings and continuing education. 
? Ritzville Chemicals, Inc. is an independently owned and operated ag chemical and fertilizer retailer, supplying the needs of the local farm population.  A small tank farm is maintained at the site.  The tank farm includes two 12,000-gallon aqua ammonia tanks and one 12,000-gallon liquid urea-ammonium nitrate tank, one 12,000-gallon liquid ammonium thiosulfate tank, one 6,000-gallon ammonium phosphate solution, one 6,000-gallon water tank and one 6,000-gallon rinsate tank. Approximately 90% of the fertilizer products are shipped directly to the field.  The tank farm at the site is used for less than truckload quantities.   
? The worst case scenario would be the accidental release of aqua am 
monia.  The released product would be contained in the secondary containment structure.  Said structure is constructed of concrete with an impermeable liner. The containment area would reduce the surface area of the aqua ammonia, in turn, reducing vaporization from release.  The company has pumps and tanks to recover the release.  In the worst case scenario the aqua ammonia could be recovered and stored in portable tanks in approximately one hour, reducing exposure.  Emergency Response Plan includes proper sequence and the agencies to be notified. Weather conditions and wind direction would determine if notification would be necessary for down wind facilities.   
? Ritzville Chemicals, Inc. operates under the WSDA rules relating to secondary and operational area containment for bulk fertilizer storage facilities.  The company's last inspection by the WSDA was May 25, 2000. The plumbing consists of stainless steel valves, chemical resistant, UV resistant, non-corrosive, impact resistant  
piping, lending to long term durability and the safe handling of chemicals.  Ritzville Chemicals, Inc. has installed lockable valves and has implemented daily monitoring of facility. 
? The company has had no accidental released within the last five years. 
? The local fire department has copies on file of the company's emergency response program.  Key employees have attended workshops and are certified Hazwopper Technicians. Other employees have also received training for spill clean up and spill containment.  For the safety of employees or individuals on site, Ritzville Chemicals, Inc. employee maintains a current First Aid and CPR card. 
? The company plans to continue attending training and refresher courses, as they become available.  The company also plans to initiate new technology when applicable to insure safe handling of Ag chemicals.
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