Fillman Farms Inc. - Executive Summary

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                   FILLMAN FARMS INC. 
                  1971 Fillman's Bottom Rd. 
                  Port Washington, Oh. 43837  
It is the policy of Fillman Farms Inc. to prevent an accidental release of 
anhydrous ammonia by maintaining the our selves in the proper procedures in the 
storage and handling of the material. In the case of an emergency we would rely on 
the Port Washington Fire Department to control the situation. The stationary source is 
one storage tank containing a maximum of  50,000 pounds of product. The worst-case 
scenario would be a total loss of the tank. The alternative release scenario would be 
aloss occuring when a transfer hose would fail. there are no administrative controls 
which can limit the distance of the potential material release. The mitigation 
measures that limit the distance to the potential material release are the excess flow 
valves. The general accidental release prevention program and chemical-specific 
prevention steps are to adhere to the norma 
l operation procedures for using an 
ammonia fertilizer tank. The five-year accident history is void of any releases from 
the storage tank. The emergency response program in case of an ammonia leak is as 
follows: 1) Evacuate all non-essential personnel to the work shop building; 2) 
Determine the size of the leak, if less than 100 pounds, a) use proper PPE; b) stop 
flow of gas, if possible; c) allow liquid to vaporize or absorb with water - if more than 
100 pounds, a) notify fire department an b) use proper PPE; 3) Notify Tuscarawas 
County LEPC, notify National Response Center, notify Ohio EPA, notify Ohio Dept. 
of Natural Resourses, notify Ohio Dept. of Agriculture. There are no planned changes 
to improve safety at this time.
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