Burmeister Farm Store Ltd. - Executive Summary

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This facility complies with requirements for anhydrous ammonia storage, its our policy to comply with federal,state,and local regulation.  If an emergency occurred, our policy is tto notify the Shelby County LEPC, and request they respond to the emergency.   Our facility is used as a retail fertilizer plant, it is a 15000 gal tank and associated valves and piping.  The worst case senario would be the failure of the tank, releasing ammonia.  Your model shows a 3.3 mile endpoint and a population of 1011.  This facility complies with EPA accident prevention and all state aand local codes and regulations;  concerning maintenance and safety.  This facility has not had an accident  in over five years concerning injuries, property or environmental damages or evacuations.  The local volunteer fire department is familiar with the facility and has trained there recently.           Planned changes to improve safety, none
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