Nebraska Cold Storage - Executive Summary

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This is to inform all interested persons including employees, that Nebraska Cold Storage is complying with OSHA's Process Safety management Standard, Title 29, CFR, Part 68, to deal with the storage, handling and utilization of ammonia used in its refrigeration system.  In this way we promote overall plant worker and public safety.  These programs enable our facility to prevent the occurrence and minimize the consequences of significant releases of ammonia as well as fires, explosions, and other types of catastrophic accidents.  Over all, these programs prevent any activity involving hazardous chemicals and specifically ammonia, including any use, storage, manufacturing, handling, or the on-site movement of such chemicals, or combination of these activities.  Any group of vessels, which are interconnected, and separate vessels, which are located such that ammonia could be involved in a potential release, shall be considered a single process.  Our safety programs prevent accidents becau 
se they focus on the rules, procedures, and practices, which govern individual processes, activities, or pieces of equipment.  These rules are detailed and improved as necessary.  They are also communicated to, and accepted by all employees at the facility.
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