Bruning Grain & Feed - Ohiowa - Executive Summary

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1.  Facility Policy:  The owners, management and employees of Bruning Grain & Feed are committed to the prevention of any accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia.  If an accidental release should occur, the facility is prepared to work with the local fire department and law enforcement personnel to mitigate any releases to residents and the environment of our community. 
2.  Facility Information:  This facility is located approximately 7 miles east of Bruning, NE and 4 miles south of Ohiowa, NE.  The primary activity at the facility is the wholesaling of grains and the opertion of a country grain elevator.  Bruning Grain & Feed has operated this facility for over 19 years.  The maximum amount of anhydrous ammonia stored at this location is 52,000 pounds. 
3.  Worst-Case Release Scenario and Alternative Release Scenario: 
   a.  The worst-case release scenario would be the total release of the anhydrous ammonia from our major storage tank.  The distance to the endpoint would be approx 
imately 2.6 miles. 
   b.  The alternative release scenario is a release from a break in a transfer hose.  The distance to the endpoint would be approximately 0.3 mile. 
   c.  Administrative controls are through our operating procedures, training, maintenance and audit programs. 
4.  Accidental Release Prevention Program:  The facility has implemented the provisions of "Safety Requirements for the Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia, K-61, published by the American National Standards Institute, Inc.  During periods of non operation local law enforcement personnel and our personnel make unscheduled inspections of the facility.  Anything out of the ordinary is reported to our 24 hour number and appropriate action is taken. 
5.  Fire Year Accident History:  There have been no accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia during the past five years that have caused any deaths, injuries, or significant property damage at this facility, nor to our knowledge, have resulted in off-site dea 
ths, injuries, evacuations, sheltering in place, property damage, or environmental damage. 
6.  Emergency Response Program:  Our facility has coordinated with the local responders and we do not plan to have our employees respond to a major release. 
7.Planned Changes to Imporve Safety:  Reviewing and updating procedures 
8.  For additional information contact:    
    Mr. Jerry Lindstrom 
    Bruning Grain & Feed Co., Inc. 
    P. O. Box 67 
    Bruning, NE  68322 
    (402) 353-4785
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