AmerenCIPS Newton Generating Station (Rev 1) - Executive Summary

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The AmerenCIPS Newton Generating Station is located on Newton Lake in Jasper County approximately 8 miles southwest of the City of Newton.  Newton Plant began producing electricity in 1977.  One ton chlorine cylinders have been safely used at the Newton Plant for the past 22 years.  The plant typically uses 24,000 pounds of chlorine each year to prevent biofouling of the equipment associated with the Water Treatment Plant.  Resumption of the use of the Screen House Circulating Water Chlorination System is planned in May 2000.  It is estimated that the plant will use 75 tons of chlorine per year for the Screen House Chlorination System.  This chlorination system was used for several years before it was removed from service and the chlorine was removed.  Recently, the plant decided to resume using chlorine for the circulating water to prevent biofouling of the plant condensers and heat exchangers.  Circulating water is pumped from Newton Lake and chlorine is applied by vacuum induced wat 
er flow through a solution valve where gaseous chlorine is dissolved in water before injection into the discharge of the circulating water pumps.  Chlorine is injected for 10 minutes eight times per day.   The resumption of the use of this system is expected to have minimal safety or operational impacts since this system was in previous operation and is similar to the water treatment plant system which has been in continous operation for the past 22 years.  One ton chlorine cylinders are stored at the screen house and are checked by the Water Treatment Operators each shift.  The chlorine injection system is a vacuum induced flow through a regulator and a v-notch flow controller.  If, for any reason, the vacuum is lost, then the regulator will close and the feed for the injection system will be shut off.
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