Western Sintering Co. Inc. - Executive Summary

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Our intent, over the last 35 years, has been to "go the extra mile" in preventative design.  Use of "cracked ammonia" as sintering furnace atmosphere is vital.  The single most important decision was years ago when we simply dropped the line pressure of ammonia to 10 psi.  If and whenever we would have an accidental rupture of a line, the staff knows simply to evacuate.  This has not happened, ever.  Almost once a year we have the temperature fail in a "cracker" and the result is the smell of raw ammonia.  This is actually a "best practices" function because everyone is familiar with the smell and knows what to do.            The response plan is simple......"open the doors and leave".   Valves are then shut off (can do outside or inside from numerous locations) and repairs are made.   The result is that we have never had an ammonia related injury, and the staff feels safe.      Last of all, our tanks are enclosed in chain link fence, with 2,000 pound "ecology blocks" blocking the acce 
ss entry.   No vehicle can enter.
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