Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel, MS - Executive Summary

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Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel is a poultry processing facility that stores and uses one chemical that is regulated by EPA's Risk Management Program.  This chemical is Anydrous Ammonia, which is used as a refrigerant.  We currently have maximum storage capacity of 16,800 pounds of Ammonia. 
Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel believes that this RMP chemical (Anhydrous Ammonia), that we store and handle on site has  potential hazards.   However, since we have never had a serious leak, it is important to keep the risks in perspective.   Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel's ammonia storage and handling facilities: 
1.  are properly designed 
2.  have effective operation and maintenance procedures 
3.  employ trained operators,  tecchnicians and HazMat Team 
4.  periodically conduct safety audits 
5.  are constantly upgrading its processes to meet or exceed industry standards 
Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel also has taken a proactive approach towards coordinating emergency efforts with the Laurel Fire Department.  Laurel Fire 
Department inspects our facility annually and regularly conducts emergency evacuation drills.  Laurel's Fire Department is also familiar with our Ammonia refrigeration system, its potential hazards, and will respond in the event of a release.  
Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel maintains high standards whenever employee and public safety are concerned.  Our facility is compliant with OSHA, IIAR, ASHRA, as well as other agencies concerning the safe operation and handling of an Ammonia refrigeration system.  This includes periodic inspection, training, and upgrades from outside experts.  As a result, we have not had a release of Anhydrous Ammonia that resulted in an off-site or on-site injury in the past five years.  
Even though Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel has large quantities of ammonia stored on site, there is a very small probability that there could be off-site consequences if a major leak occurred.  Wayne Farms LLC -  Laurel used EPA's OCA Guidance for off-site consequence analysis of Anhydro 
us Ammonia. 
In the event of a worst-case ammonia release (11,100 pounds in 10 minutes), a .6 mile radius around the Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel facility may have to be evacuated.  According to 1990 Census Data, 474 people in the surrounding community may have to be notified that an evacuation may be necessary.   
Because we haven't had a significant leak of Anhydrous Ammonia, we used a 3/8" high pressure liquid line rupture for our "Alternative-Case Spill".  It was determined that this 3/8" line of high pressure liquid Ammonia could release 2,667 lb. of Anhydrous Ammonia to the atmosphere in 10 minutes.  According to EPA's OCA Guidance Models, the 2,667 lb ammonia release could travel .2 miles and could affect 33 residents offsite. 
Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel believes that the poultry industry should proactively inform the public of the potential dangers and the actions Wayne Farms LLC - Laurel has taken to minimize these dangers. Wayne Fa 
rms LLC - Laurel has a long-great ongoing relationship with the community.  We encourage any and all citizens who have concerns or questions to contact our facility.  We look forward to continuing our relationship in Greater Laurel, Jones County Area.
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