Airosol Company Inc. - Executive Summary

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Airosol Company Inc. (Airosol) fills aerosol cans with automotive products from its bulk storage tanks.  The facility is located at 1101 Illinois, Neodesha, Kansas.  Airosol handles the following flammable chemicals that are subject to risk management planning: propane, butane, isobutane, and ethyl ether.  Airosol's storage tanks are built according to industry standards and are regularly inspected by facility staff, insurance carriers, and chemical suppliers.  There were no reportable accidents in the past 5 years.  Airosol has two main processes: (1) filling aerosol cans and (2) storing filled cans in its warehouse prior to shipment.  Filling aerosol cans is subject to Program Level 3, and Airosol has completed  a worst-case and an alternative off-site consequence analysis (OCA) for this process.  The worst-case scenario would be a release of all of the contents of a propane storage tank, and one alternative scenario would be a leak from the ethyl ether storage tank into its surround 
ing dike.  Results of the OCA show that a residential population of about 210 people living within 0.3 miles of the facility may potentially be affected by the unlikely release of propane.  No off-site residential population is likely to be affected by ethyl ether leaking from its storage tank.  Storing filled product cans in the warehouse is subject to Program Level 1, and Airosol has determined that a release under the worst-case scenario would not reach off-site receptors.  Because of its use of industry-specification equipment, experienced operators, constant supervision, vapor detectors, automatic shutoffs, equipment inspections, and agreements with the Neodesha Fire Department, Airosol believes that a release from its facility that would have serious  consequences is very unlikely.
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