Eastern States O & G - Grant Compressor NGL Tank - Executive Summary

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The following is a description of the tank facility including load in and load out as well as emergency procedures and prepardedness:   The 30,000 gallon Liquid  Natural Gasoline tank is located on an abandoned surface mining operation,near Holden, Logan County, West Virginia.  The US EPA software used for the Risk Management Plan does not include natural gasoline as a selection, therefore Isopentane (Butane, 2-methyl) was used as the default compound listing in this plan since isopentane is the largest single component (30.63 percent) which represents a 75,000 lb. if tank is full. The tank is gravity fed through a 2" steel pipeline from a chiller system located 2,000 feet away, near Grant Compressor Station.  The tank is resting on cement piers in a natural (and recontured) dike.  Liquid product from the chiller unit enters the top of the tank and is regulated to 100 psi, with overpressurization regulator set at 250 psi.  Overfill from the chiller unit is returned to the pipeline.  An 
y water which may be in the liquid is diverted to 50 Bbl. fluid tank.  This water tank is also contained by a dike.  Product load out is achieved by an electric pump which pumps to a tanker truck, which transports the product to the refinery.  The Logan County Local Emergency Planning Committee is aware of this installation along with the Cora Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squads.                                                                                                                                                                The Cora Volunteer Fire Department is the first responder in this area.  The Fire Chief at the present is George Hill.  The fire department may be contacted at 304-752-7662 and the mailing address is P. O. Box 569, Holden,West Virginia   25625
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