Brownlee Farm Center, Inc. - Executive Summary

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Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies Review: 
Management is committed to the safe use of anhydrous ammonia.  Safety programs include formal training and on-the-job training activities.  Material Safety Data Sheets and other chemical related safety information is made available to employees. 
Facility Description and Regulated Substances: 
This facility receives, stores, and ships anhydrous ammonia for re-sale purposes only (retail to the end user - crop production).  This is a minor portion of the facility's business.  This facility is primarily a fertilizer and ag-chem retail facility.  the facility has two 50-ton storage tanks.  The facility receives inbound anhydrous ammonia via transport trucks and rail cars.  The two-tank system is used for storage of the material until it is sold for use by the customer. 
Worst-case Scenario: 
The Worst-case Scenario would be release of the entire volume of one of the two on-site storage tanks or the release of the entire vo 
lume of a delivery rail car. 
Alternate-release Scenario: 
The Alternate-release Scenario assumed a rupture of a 2-inch pipe or hose with employee intervention by closing a valve two (2) minutes after the release began. 
Accidental Release Prevention Program: 
Release prevention activities involve daily inspections, routine equipment inspections, and an annual maintenance inspection/evaluation of all equipment.  Operating and maintenance procedures have been developed.  Employee training programs are continuously reviewed and updated. 
Five-year Accident History: 
There have been no accidental releases with the past five (5) years that resulted in off-site impacts. 
Emergency Response Program: 
Emergency response activities include coordination with the Tifton/Tift County Emergency Management Agency.  Employees are aware of the facility Emergency Response Plan.  A copy is available upon request. 
Planned Changes to Improve Safety: 
Equipment, procedures, and training activities are being re 
viewed and will be updated to improve safety as determined by the ongoing review process.
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