Atkinson Grain & Fertilizer, Inc.-Hooppole Plant - Executive Summary

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Atkinson Grain & Fertilizer, Inc. 
RMP Executive Summary 
I think that if you could see the ammonia equipment at Atkinson Grain you would appreciate the effort we put into the maintenance of it. We know the dangers of ammonia and under no circumstances do we want any of our employees, customers or neighbors injured by an accident that could have been avoided. We check tanks, hoses, pumps and piping continually to look for problems. We document problems with equipment as it is returned from customer use and remove it from service until those problems have been  taken care of. We spend our off seasons cleaning ,sand blasting, painting and repairing equipment on an ongoing basis to keep rust and corrosion to a minimum. We feel that piping is much stronger than hose so our plant is comprised of as little hose as possible to minimize the chance of a ruptured hose causing an accident. All employees are rotated through a training process that involves a yearly trip to an ammonia school with ne 
w employees getting rotated to the top of the list. In addition to the school all employees are required to attend scheduled safety meeting of which ammonia safety is just one of the topics. We work closely with our local emergency fire and rescue squad to set up tours of our facilty and build a written plan for response in the event of an accident. We have never had a bad ammonia accident at Atkinson Grain and we never intend to.
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