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The owners, management and employees of Tri-ag Cooperative are commited to safety and the prevention of accidents of any ammonia. If an accidntal release should occur, the facility is prepared to work with the local fire company, or other authorities, to mitigate any release and minmize the impact of the release to people and the envionment. 
The primary activity at this location is the storage and transfer of anhydrous ammonia into nurse tanks for the benifit of our farmer inspections.The maximum quanity stored would be 145,000 pounds in our two storage tanks. The worst case release scenario would be the release of the total contents of our lagest tank as a gas over 10 minutes. The maximum quantity releases would be14,500 pounds which represents the volurme of the 34,000 gallon storage tanks filled at 85 percent capacity as limited by design standards. The distance to the endpoint is 2.41 miles. 
The altenative release or more likely release according to our history and industry exper 
ts would be a release from a break in a transfer hose. The distance to the endpoint in this case is .83 miles.  
Our companies handling of anhydrous ammonia is regulated by several goverment agencies including: OSHA, EPA, DOT, KCC and The Kansas Department of Agriculture. We make every effort to cooperate with these agencies and we have always tried to stay in compliace with all of their standards and requirements. In addition our firm has set standards internally which we expect our employees to follow. These standards along with the oversight of the above listed regulatory agencies have helped us achieve an excellent safety record. We have had no off-sight releases from our storage plant nor are we aware of any injuries, deaths or property damage either off-sight or on-sight.  
The facility has implemented annual training for our employee group has well has training on emergency response in accordance with OSHA. Safety improvements are an on-going process at the facility as we contin 
ue to strive for excellence to better serve our customers and the community.
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