Doshier Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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The Doshier Farm Waste Water Treatment Plant (DFWWTP) is located in east Temple at 2515 E. Ave. H.  DFWWTP treats wastewater collected from central and north Temple. 
The wastewater treatement process as regulated by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) requires the addition of chlorine to the wastewater as a disinfection agent.  The TNRCC also requires the addition of sulfur dioxide to neutralize the chlorine before the treated wastewater is returned to the receiving stream.  DFWWTP has a maximum inventory of 16000 pounds of chlorine and 16000 pounds of sulfur dioxide on hand at any one time.  These chemicals are stored as liquids under pressure in one ton containers, withdrawn as vapor, and fed into the process by a vacuum induction unit. 
The City of Temple recognizes the potential dangers associated with accidental release of these chemicals and has in place the appropriate safety measures to minimize any risk to the community.  Our equipment is designed accor 
ding to industry standards, is regularly inspected, and maintained in good working order by qualified technicians.  All operations and maintenance personnel are well trained in the handling and usage of chlorine and sulfur dioxide and receive regular safety training. 
As part of our Risk Management Planning (RMP) we have evaluated the impact of several scenarios for the accidental release of chlorine and sulfur dioxide.  As defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)the worst case release would occur if an entire ton container of sulfur dioxide were vented within ten minutes under certain weather conditions.  This worst case release could result in toxic levels of sulfur dioxide at a distance of 3.1 miles from the release site.  Alternative release scenarios evaluated were releases resulting from breaks in the 2" header pipes.  Under this scenario toxic levels of chlorine could be present at a distance of 1.0 miles from the release site and dulfur dioxide at 0.80 miles. 
P has an excellent safety record for use of chlorine and sulfur dioxide.  We have had no accidental releases of either chemical in the five-year reporting period.  We have also had no employee injuries associated with the use of these chemicals.  In the event of a chlorine or sulfur dioxide accident, DFWWTP employees would shut down the processes as efficiently as possible.  The City of Temple Fire Department would be notified and respond to any emergency.  Fire Department personnel are fully trained in dealing with chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and other chemical releases and have been provided with the proper equipment for mitigating an accidental release.
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