City of Winnfield - Water Treatment Facility - Executive Summary

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28157 LDEQ FACILITY ID NUMBER                  
In 1998 The City of Winnfield recieved an LCDBG Grant for water system inprovements. Part of this project called for the establishment of a new centrally located chlorination faciliey for the City's water system. This was constructed and placed in operation in August of 1998. This facitlity consists of chlorine storage shed capable of storing four one ton cylinders. Tow of these cylinders are connected at all times to chlorinators, on of which is active and one on standby. These chlorinators draw gaseous chlorine from the cylinders and transport it through piping to chlorine ejectors where it is mixed with water and injected in the influent flow line to the ground storage tank. 
We have compiled the safety information on the plant (as the law requires). This consist of all the specifications, codes and standards used in thematerials and construction of the plant. Also all the information on the chlorine or any other chemcials used in th 
e treatment facility. 
We have done a safety review of the procedures at the plant (as the law requires). This consist of a review of all the procedures to be used in case of an accident or spill of hazardous materials. Also teh policys and procedures that will be employed in case of any type of emergency. 
We have established operating procedures at the plant (as the law requires). This consist of a complete set of policys and procedures taht will be employed in case of any type of emergency. 
We have and continue to provide training at the plant (as the law requires). Louisiana Rural Water Association Schools, Hazardous Materials Awareness Schools, Safe Chlorine Handling Schools, Louisiana Conference on Water Supply, Sewerage, and Industrial Waste, Inc. schools for Certification requirements (at least 40 hours per two years). 
We perform the necessary maintenance to the plant (as the law requires) and as directed by the operation and maintenace manuals addressing in the section on op 
eration procedures. 
We conduit compliance audits of ourselves (as the law requires) on an annual basis. Which means we review our emergency prepardness manuel on a yearly basis to determin if any changes have affected our procedures and we adjust them accordingly. 
We have accident investigation procedures in place (as the law requires). So we will have a plan for investigating any accidents that occur so we may learn from them and change our procedures to avoid them in the future.
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