Refrigerated Food Distributors, Inc - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary: 
Risk Management Plan submission for Refrigerated Food Distributors, Philadelphia PA 
Refrigerated Food Distributors, Inc (RFDI) operates a facility in Philadelphia which stores and freezes cranberries and other agricultural produce  Refrigeration is a critical element in maintaining the quality and safety of stored produce 
Most large refrigerated facilities use a chemical called anhydrous ammonia as a vital part of the refrigeration system Ammonia performs the same functions as the hydrochlorofluorocarbon - "Freon" refrigerants used in home air conditioners, refrigerators, automobiles, etc Ammonia is the most environmentally friendly, energy- and capital-efficient refrigerant available for industrial applications; "Freons" are not suitable for many industrial uses Anhydrous ammonia is also used widely as a fertilizer, both for direct injection into the ground and for manufacture of other fertilizers Because of its moderate toxicity and slight flammability, it is con 
sidered a hazardous material. 
RFDI is committed to maintaining a safe manufacturing operation for our employees and the surrounding community. This commitment includes the ammonia refrigeration system To further safety in our facility, the refrigeration system is constructed under permit from local authorities, such as the building and fire departments Additionally, we adhere where appropriate to industry-consensus codes and standards, including the ASHRAE Safety Code for Refrigeration and the IIAR-2 standard of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Finally, to comply with requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, we implement a method called Process Safety Management to ensure that the refrigeration system is operated and maintained safely 
We use a variety of methods to ensure that accidental releases of hazardous materials are prevented to the greatest extent possible. In addition to profe 
ssional design and installation to accepted engineering standards, our Process Safety Management program includes elements addressing: 
-Employee Participation: We involve our employees at all appropriate points in our program 
-Process Safety Information: We maintain information relating to the safety of ammonia and the design limits of the refrigeration system so that our employees are fully informed 
-Process Hazards Analysis: We conduct detailed studies of our refrigeration system and some major modifications to identify the important hazards and safeguards 
-Operating Procedures: We provide written operating procedures to help our staff stay within the safe operating limits of the refrigeration equipment 
-Mechanical Integrity (Maintenance and Quality Control): We use a comprehensive program of inspections and preventive maintenance to keep mechanical failures from occurring. 
-Training: We train our mechanics in safe operation and maintenance of the refrigeration system. 
-Management of 
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