Indiana-American Water Co., Inc. - Terre Haute - Executive Summary

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At Indiana-American Water Company, Inc.'s  (IAWC)Terre Haute Water Treatment Facility, we use chlorine, which is considered an extremely hazardous substance by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA).  IAWC is committed to following standardized safety precautions in handling chlorine to prevent unnecessary human exposure and to reduce the threat to nearby members of the community.  It is our policy to adhere to all applicable Federal and state rules and regulations.  Safety depends upon the manner in which we handle chlorine, the safety devices inherent in the design of this facility, the safe handling procedures that we use, and the training of our personnel. 
The primary purpose of this water treatment facility is to provide potable water to the public and the general industry.  Chlorine is received by our chemical supplier.  Access to the site is restricted to authorized facility employees, authorized managemen 
t personnel, authorized contractors and authorized visitors.
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