Delaware City, DE - Executive Summary

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The CO2 facility in   Delaware CIty  produces liquid and solid carbon dioxide used in carbonation of beverages, food processing and preservation, pH control of water, fire protection and other applications. The plant was stared up in  November 1972 and has  21 employees. Ammonia is the RMP regulated substance which is used in the process as a refrigerant to cool and liquefy the CO2. 
The worst case scenario is a catastrophic line failure releasing the entire contents from our largest vessel in 10 minutes with no mitigation controls and worst cause meteorological conditions. The vapor cloud length would be .8 miles to an endpoint of 200 ppm.  
Our accidental release prevention program is based on proper design, maintenance, operation and auditing of our operation.  Specifics include industry standard vessel design and construction, shutdown systems, predictive and preventive maintenance, routine inspections of equipment, formal hazard analysis studies, operation and maintenance audits o 
f equipment an systems, and investigation of accidents and incidents. 
Our emergency response program is based on training and preparation including emergency response training, planning and partnering with the New Castle Local Emergency Planning Committee. 
There have been no offsite incidents of consequence in the last five years at this site.
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