Farmers Coop Association ( Salina ) - Executive Summary

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Farmers Coop Association is a retail business that stores and delivers propane to area homes and businesses. The storage facility consists of two 18,000 gallon storage vessels and associated piping. Our worst case senario would be a vapor cloud explosion  releasing  67,000 pounds of propane with a distance to the endpoint of .5 miles affecting 60 people. Training for our employees is done on an annual basis with employees attending local and state training schools . This facility complies with NFPA-58 requirements for LP-Gas storage and it is our policy to adhere to all applicable federal , state and local rules and regulations. This facility can report no accidents in the last five years. This companys' Emergency Response Plan is updated annually and is shared with the Salina Fire Department. They have agreed to be our first responder and will act in the event of an emergency. Periodic evaluations are done at this facility to access the maintenance of safe conditions. We have no plans 
at the present time to implement any changes in the coming year .
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