Lexington Terminal - Executive Summary

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Dixie's Lexington terminal is a LPG pipeline terminal connected to Dixie's interstate LPG pipeline system. This facility is operated in compliance with applicable regulations of the Department of Transportation, 49 CFR Part 195. In addition, the facility maintains compliance with OSHA's Process Safety Management in 29 CFR Part 1910.119 as well as other industry codes and standards. 
Lexington terminal engages in the pipeline receipt and storage of liquified propane under pressure, and the loading of propane tank trucks. The facility consists of pressure storage tanks, a truck loading dock, associated piping, valves and other miscellaneous equipment. The process and storage serves a function which is incident to transportation. 
The facility has several systems in place to prevent an accidental release of propane, including continuous remote monitoring of flows, pressures and levels from Dixie's control center. In addition, there are various alarms and shut downs designed to prevent ove 
r-pressure or over-filling of tanks and tank trucks. Pressure relief valves also protect vessels and process piping. 
In the event of an accidental release of propane, the facility has a fail-safe system to mitigate the release. An emergency shutdown (ESD) system will shutdown pipeline receipts and truck loading, and isolate storage tanks and piping. The ESD system can be activated manually on site, remotely by the control center, or by one of several strategically placed gas detection devices. 
The worst case scenario, as defined in 40 CFR 68, involves the failure of a pressure storage tank, instantaneously releasing the maximum allowable quantity of propane stored and resulting in a lower flammable limit which endpoint reaches off site. 
The alternate case scenario resulted in the contents of a pressure storage tank being released through a 2" relief stack and resulting in a vapor cloud fire. 
There have been no accidents involving the release of propane which resulted in injury, dea 
th, property or environmental damage in the past five (5) years. In case of an accident, the facility ESD system would be activated and the local response agency would be called. 
Dixie evaluates its facilities regularly to ensure that good safety practices are employed and policies and procedures are updated as needed for safety improvement.
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