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1.Facility Policy. The owners, management, and employees of Trotter Fertilizer and Grain are committed to the prevention of any accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia. If an accidental release should occur, the facility is prepared to work with the local fire department, and other authorities, to mitigate any release and minimize the impact of the release to persons and the environment. 
2.Facility Information. Trotter Fertilizer and Grain is a small independent retail facility for plant food and crop protection chemicals. Anhydrous ammonia is received, stored,and distibuted for direct application as fertilizer for crop production..  
3.The worst-case release and alternative release scenarios. 
a.The worst-case release scenario would be the release of the total contents of the storage tank over a 10 minute period. The distance to the endpoint would be3.3  miles.  
b.The alternative release scenario would be the break of a transfer hose. The distance to the endpoint would be .3 miles 
cidental Release Prevention Program. This facility has implemented the provisions of OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200, Hazard Communication. 
5.Five-year Accident Histiory. There have been no reportable accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia in the last five years. 
6.Emergency Response Program. The "Emergency Action Plan" of Trotter Fertilizer and Grain describes procedures to minimize hazards to human health and to the environment from sudden and non-sudden releases of chemicals. Copies of the well organized easy to use color codes "plan" have been distriburted to the Local Emergency Planning Committee, Fire Department, and two strategic locations at the facility. Our emplayees are aware of the provisions of the emergency action plan and each one's role in carrring out the plan. An ongoing safety training and accident prevention program is our first line of defense.  
7.Planned Changes to Improve Safety. Safety improvements are an on-going process at this facility. Periodic evaluations  
are preformed to assess the maintenance and safe conditions of our equipment . There are no additional specific anhydrous ammonia safety recommendations at this time.   
8.For futher information contact; Jess Trotter at 308-789-6200.
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