Valspar Coatings - Statesville - Executive Summary

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Accidental Release and Emergency Response Policies 
It is Valspar's policy to operate its plants in a manner that protects its employees, the public, and the environment.  It is our policy to adhere to all applicable federal, state and local laws.  The Valspar Statesville facility has a detailed, practiced Emergency Action Plan that is utilized to respond to any accidental releases. 
Facility Description 
The facility manufactures water-based latex paints for consumer use and is not covered by the Risk Managament Plan rule.  A warehouse is connected to the manufacturing facility.  This warehouse stores consumer products including aerosol spray cans which utilize propane as the propellant.  The propane in the cans require us to comply with Risk Management Plan rule. 
Worst Case Release Scenario 
As required by the RMP regulation, the worst case release scenario was calculated by assuming the entire contents of the largest container were released.  A rupture of a single 16 ounce spray wa 
s considered the worst case scenario.  The can contains 0.4 pounds of propane and the release would result in a vapor cloud explosion.   According to EPA's RMP*Comp (TM) Version 1.02 software and EPA's OCA Guidance, the distance to endpoint 0.006 miles or 18 feet.  RMP Comp version 1.02 was used to calculate the distance because this earlier verion gave a more precise endpoint distance.  Because of limitations in the software provided by EPA, the distance to endpoint had to be entered as 0.1 miles and the quantity of material released as 1 pound.  The actual amount of material released is 0.4 pounds which results in a distance to endpoint of 0.006 miles.  There are no public receptors within this distance. 
General Accidental Release and Chemical Specific Prevention Programs 
Five Year Accident History 
This facility has never had an accident involving propane that caused deaths, injuries, property or environmental damage, evacuations, or sheltering in place. 
Emergency Response Progra 

In the event of an emergency, we will immediately notify the Statesville Fire Department  and rely on their expertise to handle the situation.  The fire department has a well-trained response team and is familiar with our processes.  We have contracted with a qualified emergency response firm to aid in the clean up of a release. 
Planned Changes to Improve Safety 
We have an ongoing and continuing process to update and review our manufacturing and storage processes for safety considerations.
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