Splash Pool Chemicals Inc. - Executive Summary

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Splash Pool Chemicals Inc. has been operating in Nevada and Arizona for over twenty years and has had no chemical accidents or near misses at either of our facilities.  Splash Pool Chemicals follows the operation procedures and maintenance schedules set in The Chlorine Institutes Packaging Manual, keeping all equipment, cylinders and valves in safe working condition. 
Splash Pool Chemicals has an intense safety training program which includes training material published by The National Association of Gas Chlorinators and The Chlorine Institute, designed to educate new employees on the hazards of gas chlorine, prior to their handling of the chemical.  The program includes a safety tape prepared by The Chlorine Institute, which covers information from the Chlorine Institutes manuals and the Material Safety Data Sheet, as well as hands on training.  Only employees who have completed training certification for a "Level 2 Technician" status may operate our chlorine transfer system. 
Pool Chemicals has implemented the following safety systems and devices to mitigate potential hazards: 
A.  Chlorine Emergency Scrubbing System, designed to neutralize the entire contents of a one ton container of chlorine in a thirty minute time period. 
B.  Chlorine Emergency Kit "B", for repair of chlorine ton containers by emergency responders. 
C. Chlorine Ton Container Cradle, specially designed and allows ton containers to be rotated in place to assist in repair or inspection. 
Splash Pool Chemicals has performed an Hazop analysis in 1996, in which safer methods were developed and implemented within our program We have also made substantial efforts to assess and reduce risks related to hazardous substances, through education and safety awareness.  We have completed or addressed all mitigation methods within our plan to abate and reduce hazards. 
Splash Pool Chemicals has an Emergency Action Plan that is coordinated with the local Clark County Fire Department.  The Clark County Fire 
Department has performed a site review, in which they were introduced to Splash Pool Chemicals safety systems and equipment, access codes and given full authority to enter the facility under all circumstances.
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